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What MiraCard users are saying…

We think MiraCard is really cool, and we are not the only ones!



"Really sweet app! Really enjoy looking through my collection but really enjoy looking at other's collections. Easy to use and addicting for the collectors out there..."



"I love it. It's really fun and easy to use. It's also very helpful. I use it when I go to shows - if I don't remember if I have a certain card back home, I just snap a pic of the card and voila, the card recognition software detects if I have that card or not. Sweet!"



"I don't have the know-how to develop this for myself and brian & company has done it for me, a thousand thanks for that. The app is easy to maneuver and it is quite simple to add your cards. It's also great fun to see other peoples collections. The human side of Miracard processes the cards themselves making sure that there are only cards and no adult content gets through. Many thanks go to brian for being a presence on the app itself. I don't know when he has time to sleep, it seems like he's always around. So whether you're a veteran of card collecting or a beginner with only a few good cards, this is the app for you if you want to share your "pack trophies"."